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CU Swing Dance is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of the social and solo African American jazz dances of the 1920's-1940's, and the incredible music, cultural history and very active community they are linked to.

The club provides affordable weekly swing dance lessons covering the basics and more advanced material, taught by world-class professional teachers Evita Arce and Nathan Bugh. Lessons are open to all Columbia affiliates with a Dodge Fitness Membership.  The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive.  If you stick with it, you will learn how to swing dance!

In addition to lessons, the club hosts occasional workshops and semesterly dances with fantastic live bands throughout the semester.  The club also boasts an audition-only performance troupe, which performs on campus and competes at various events, including the annual New York Intercollegiate Swing Exchange.  Members of CU Swing take full advantage of the vibrant community of swing dancers and traditional jazz musicians that New York City has to offer.


All lessons this semester will be held on Wednesdays, Swing 2 at 7 and Swing 1 at 8!  Check our lessons tab for locations.


Join Us!

This could be you!  You could learn to dance just like these dancers at the 2019 Harvest Moon Ball Stomp, co-hosted with the Harlem Swing Dance Society, featuring music by the Savoy Four.  Come dance with us at dances like these, held twice every semester!


Below, see what our lessons look like - this is our first Foundations lesson of the fall semester when we learned the basic.

swing lessons
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See what CU Swing Fever can do!

Here are their performances at the 2018 and 2017 Sugar Foot Struts.

This is what our workshops look like!  At our 1-2 workshops each semester, you can learn other styles of swing, like in this video, when we learned the Shim Sham!

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